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re:BOX Services - the Z

마지막에서 오는 새로운 시작,
re:BOX에서 여러 분야의 Z 프로그램을 통해 여러분과 여러분의 조직에 새로운 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 

the end and the new beginning, re:BOX offers various Z programs for you and your company

Z Program: Features

HR Z Consulting

Business Handshake

re:BOX in your company

From recruitment to resignation, all HR core competencies required by the organization are composed of 45 modules, and services provided by HR departments within the organization are provided. Starting from the current level assessment based on individual, team, and organizational diagnosis, you will experience a new HR service.

Z Courses

Study Group

Future competency program

re:BOX provides an opportunity to experience lectures on future competencies and HR competencies that are regularly conducted. Also, Cornell's online classes can be applied at a discounted price as a member of re:BOX.

Z Career

Graduation Hat Throw

Integrated Talent Management

The life map begins at school. re:BOX offers career design and development programs throughout life for current students.

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